New version 0.9 has been released!

Jun 16, 2015

New version 0.9 has been released.

Previous version 1.1 has been renamed to 0.8. This is a necessary measure because the version 1.1 was very crude and it wasn't tested enough.

Bad news are that the version 0.9 differs from 0.8 very much and it brokes a backward compatibility but it's worth of it.

Short changelog:

  • New application example "easyii-shop". It includes examples of all modules.
  • Treeview categories in the catalog, articles and gallery.
  • Shopcart module. Now you can build a simple shop.
  • Filters by additional fields in the catalog.
  • The ease modules extending. Choose an easyii module that is similar to what you need and copy it into the app folder with only 3 clicks.
  • Added tags to news and articles.
  • Integration of a datetimepicker and now the most entities are sorted by date.
  • E-mail alert system (notification of an administrator about a new guestbook/feedback/etc post).
  • Image thumbnails have been reworked and now you can create unlimited number of thumbnails with different sizes from 1 image.
  • Now you can save an entity using a shortcut Ctrl+S.
  • API comments for IDE autocomplete.
  • A lot of fixes and improvements.

Major API changes:

  • All ApiClass::all() functions have been renamed to ApiClass::items().
  • Getter of thumbnails has been changed from $apiObj->thumb to $apiObj->thumb($width, $height).
  • The most of ApiClass::get() functions return null instead of a blank object now.
  • You can get an access to an ActiveRecord instance in any API object using a $model property (for example: $news->model->save()).

Also if you are using old version, you can find documentation  here

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