New version 0.9 has been released! Jun 16, 2015

Guestbook module


Guestbook module helps you to create live editable guestbook and form on frontend.


use yii\easyii\modules\guestbook\api\Guestbook;

Public functions

array Guestbook::items( $options = [] )
$options array
  • where (mixed) - additional condition, details
  • pagination (array) - properties for Pagination object.
Returns array of PostObject

array Guestbook::form( $options = [] )
$options array
  • successUrl (string) - redirect url on success.
  • errorUrl (string) - redirect url on error.
Returns fully worked standalone html form.

array Guestbook::save( $data )
If you using your own form, this function will be useful for manual saving guestbook posts.
$data array
  • name (string)
  • email (string)
  • title (string)
  • text (string)
  • g-recaptcha-response (string) - required attribute when reCaptcha is enabled
Returns Result array.

array Guestbook::last( $limit = 1, $where = [] )
$limit integer Count of last posts
$where mixed additional condition, details
Returns array of PostObject

string Guestbook::pages()
Returns pagination html generated by yii\widgets\LinkPager widget.

object Guestbook::pagination()
Returns yii\data\Pagination object.


Public Properties

$name string User name
$email string User email
$title string Post title
$text string Post text
$answer string Adminstration answer to post
$time int Post create unix time
$date string Post create formatted date
$model yii\db\ActiveRecord Guestbook ActiveRecord object