New version 0.9 has been released! Jun 16, 2015


Basic information

EasyiiCMS powered by Yii2 framework and you must know basics of this framework and MVC pattern.
So if you new in yii2, please read the guide.

Before installation, please check the core requirements.

Install EasyiiCMS

Users and roles

In EasyiiCMS there are 2 types of users:

  • root - has all privileges and see all settings.
  • admin - created by root, has limited rights and see only he needed, in most cases it is a customer.


  • Text - simple text blocks.
  • Page - single pages with title and html text.
  • Faq - frequently asked questions and answers.
  • News - news with tags and photos.
  • Catalog - catalog of any goods with custom fields.
  • Shopcart - use it to create simple shop on your website.
  • Gallery - photo gallery with categories.
  • Article - similar to news, but with categories.
  • Guestbook - testimonials with answers from administration.
  • File - file downloads.
  • Carousel - easy set carousel widget.
  • Feedback - form on your contact page.
  • Subscribe - form to add subscribers and sending E-mail messages from control panel.